Netfil Technik Pvt. Ltd.

AHU Testing

Netfil can provide both in-house and on-site testing of our air handling equipment. The tests provided are as below

  • Volumetric testing (Also referred to as performance testing)
    • Used to demonstrate that the unit provides the specified duty
  • Leakage testing (Also referred to as pressure testing)
    • Provides evidence that the unit achieves the specified leakage rate
    • Positive and/or negative pressure test up to 2000 Pa
  • Pressure drop testing (Also referred to as Static pressure testing)
    • Provides evidence of static loss across functional assemblies
    • Certifies the blower/fan design static pressure
  • Acoustic testing (Also referred to as noise testing)
    • Confirms that the unit meets the required acoustic specifications
    • Induct sound power levels