Netfil Technik Pvt. Ltd.

Horizontal Floor Mounted Unit For Process Air


Range:300 CMH to 10000 CMH

Salient Features: These units have wide application in the handling of process air in drying, coating system in pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

  • Extremely strong and durable aluminium framework
  • Sturdy constructed Unit Base frame having lifting holes.
  • Available for High Static application
  • Available in different configurations of functional assemblies
  • Internal coving sections as per GMP
  • Single and double tier construction


Available with Dex cooling system for dew point up to 6 ° & Brine system for dew point up to -6 °

Unit Construction

  • Netfil air-handling units are based on a self-supporting frame structure. Their modular casing design, with individual compartments comprising various functional assemblies, ensures that each unit matches individual application requirements perfectly.
  • Although materials may vary with the unit size and application, all AHUs are of a similar construction; namely an outer framework of posts, assembled using knock in corners, into which double skin, insulated enclosure panels are fitted to form a rigid, airtight compartment.
  • Double skin insulated panels are available in 25mm and 42mm thick with uniform density of 38-42 Kg/m3. Various options are available such as pre-coated colour galvanized sheets, plain galvanized sheets, SS304 & SS316 sheets in various thickness for inner & outer skin.
  • Smaller units can be supplied as a single section, whereas larger units are usually supplied in modular form, split into manageable sections for final assembly (bolting-up) on site.
  • AHU sections are generally supplied with a sturdy channel base support frame, complete with lifting holes to facilitate craneage.
  • All internal components, such as the fan and motor assembly, are built in to the unit sections and are provided with access or removable panels, if necessary, to facilitate maintenance and removal.
  • All forms of component commonly utilised in air handling equipment can be incorporated into the design such as filters, heaters, coolers, humidifiers, attenuators, plate heat exchangers, thermal wheels and run around coil heat recovery systems.
  • Unit Construction
  • Unit Construction

Functional Assemblies

Airtightness of air handling unit shutoff dampers has class 3 as per EN 1751. The shutoff dampers consist of oppositely rotating blades with excellent aerodynamic characteristics. Rubber sealing between the blades and the casing prevents the air inflow. Provision is made for coldproof of the blades in case of operating at low temperatures. Gear drive made of durable heat-resisting plastic ensures smooth air stream regulation.



Electric heaters are constructed of sturdy 0.430 in. (11 mm) diameter heating elements mounted to a 1/ 4 in. (6 mm) thick steel flange. Heating elements are made of stainless steel with additional ribbing which increases the heat exchange surface area and heat transfer to incoming air. These air duct heaters are easily adapted to many non-pressurized air-heating systems. Electric heaters are easily installed in applications requiring a wide range of temperature versus air flow combinations.


Droplet separator is a device to prevent the dropping liquid carrying away with the air stream. It appears as manifold bent SS304 plates installed at the outlet of cooling and heat recovery units. Drop separation is effected due to multiple change of air stream direction in the plate bending. Water drops accumulate on blades and then flow into the drain pan.



Fan Section contains belts driven DIDW Forward / Backward / Aerofoil Backward curved Centrifugal Blower & direct driven Plug Fans as per requirement . AMCA certified Fans with higher efficiency and low noise levels Fan and Motor assembly mounted on common base frame of Extruded Aluminium

Profile on vibration isolators. Provision of electrically interlocked limit switch to trip the motor immediately on door opening.

  • Supplied in both NON FLP and FLP motor with or without Spark proof fan.
  • Mounted on integral anti-vibration mounts to avoid vibration transmission and humming noise.
  • The section is provided with view port made of toughened glass.


The drain pan is designed for condensate collection and drainage. It is located angularly at the bottom of the heat exchanger and equipped with tapping.



Water humidification

Jet spray humidification is available with water atomization by compressed air providing air humidification and adiabatic cooling. The system utilizes mains softened or de- mineralized water with a nozzle purge facility.

Steam humidification

The system delivers sterile humidification without wetting or corrosion. Injection tubes with a steam jacket and condensate separator ensure efficient steam humidifier operation and maintenance. Steam valves are fitted with a stainless steel parabolic plug for low capacity modulation, while automatic system control is achieved via pre-wired valve actuators. Gas- fired and electric steam generators can be provided with the interface controls or direct steam humidification can be obtained from an external source.

Coils are suitable for low, medium & high pressure and are manufactured to almost any size using ½" or 5/8" O.D copper tubes. They are fabricated by expanding copper tube to aluminum collar spaced fins at a suitable pitch to meet key design performance parameters. These fins, which are staggered in the direction of the airflow, are mechanically bonded to deliver excellent heat transfer characteristics and are available in special materials and finishes such as copper and electro tinning to meet particular specifications.

Positioned in a rigid GI/SS section, the coil tubes are brazed to copper headers with flow and return screwed or flanged connections.

  • Hot water coil manufactured to almost any size using ½" or 5/8" O.D copper tubes.
  • Steam coil manufactured in SS304 tube with SS wire wound fines.
  • Electrical heating

Single / Multi stage filtration (Pre-filter, Fine filter & HEPA filters) is offered to suit different applications. The entire range of AHU and clean room filters are manufactured by Netfil. DP pressure gauge are provided across each filter


AHU Controls

Ensure that you're Air Handling and Ventilation System runs efficiently, Netfil produce a series of Control Panels specifically designed to help you get the best from your system while reducing energy and operating costs. With clear indications for operational and maintenance functions the Netfil range of control panels provide easy to understand visual displays and controls for airflow, heating, cooling and heat recovery. Netfil Control Panels can be tailor-made to suit each individual client requirement with options for integration into the Air Handling Unit or remote location for ease of access. Netfil Air Handling can also interface with building management systems.