Netfil Technik Pvt. Ltd.

Activated Carbon Filter

Rating BSEN 779 :

G4 F5 F7

Average Arrestance / Efficiency :

90 ≤ AM 40 ≤ EM ≥60 80 ≤ EM ≥90

Model: NFC and NFM

Media: Activated Carbon with synthetic fibres

Frame: SS, Aluminium extruded

Temperature: Ambient

Test: Batch wise testing as per BSEN 779

Netfil offers the complete range in standard and custom size

Activated Carbon is a highly porous charcoal product which undergoes activation process using oxygen to open up millions of small pores within the carbon grain structure. This significantly increases activated carbons’ ability for adsorption of other chemicals, which bond to the large amount of open pore surface within the activated carbon granules.


These filters commonly used in HVAC applications, which require the removal of odours include air filtration and air purification in medical, pharmaceutical, electronics, semiconductor, hospital, and oil-free environments.

Competitive Advantage:

  • Activated carbon filters are for upgrading systems to add carbon filtration with the lowest cost per unit.
  • These filters are highly effective for removing VOCs and controlling odours and can be applied as an excellent pre-filter for use in commercial and industrial HVAC systems.