Netfil Technik Pvt. Ltd.

AHU With Inbuilt Desiccant Dehumidifiers


850 CMH to 51000 CMH.

These units have a wide application in Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Food processing units, Hygroscopic product storage, Seed storage rooms, Cold store rooms, Defence labs, Manufacturing facilities of computers and electronic components, Power stations, precision and chemicalplants, Fruit Drying The heart of these dehumidifiers is a patented desiccant wheel made up of Honeycomb material. Air passes through the Honeycomb Desiccant. The incoming process air stream gives off its moisture to the desiccant. The process air is dry as it leaves the wheel. The humidity-laden wheel rotates slowly into a second, smallerairstream which has been heated. The smaller airstream is known as reactivation air which warms the desiccant. The warmed desiccant gives off its moisture which is then carried away by the reactivation air. The newly dried desiccant material is rotated back into the process air, where it absorbs moisture once again.

The reactivation air is heated by all electric systems or steam plus electric system. These desiccant systems are extremely efficient.

  • Exlremely strong and durable thermal.break aluminium framework.
  • Complete unit with process blower motor ,reactivation blower motor, reactivation heaters ,steam coil
  • Dehumidifiers designed for low pressure steam of 3 .2 Kg I Cm2 without any backup heaters
  • Compact electrical panel with VFD
  • Desiccant dehumidifiers are especially well-suited for removing moisture from
  • at at a low temperature and low humidity level