Netfil Technik Pvt. Ltd.

Bag In/Bag Out


The Bag In/Bag Out housings are designed to protect facility personnel and the general public from dangerous, toxic, biological or carcinogenic materials by filtering those materials. The filters that you are to change contain the filtered material. The unique design ensures safe, simple and reliable way for removing contaminated particulate filters.


Bag-In/Bag-Out filter housings are side loading filter housings. The filter to housing gasket seal is effected by means of a continuous flat mounting surface on the interior of the housing, which mates to a perimeter gasket on the filter. To affect the seal, the locking mechanism forces the filter against the mounting surface. Thus the housing features a safety filter locking mechanism.

Design Standard:

The housing is designed to withstand +/- 6000Pa: Class 3 acc. to ISO 10648-2, L1 acc. to EN1886, Class D acc. to EN12237, Class C acc. to Eurovent 2/2. Max penetration gasket frame at 600Pa:<0.01% byISO14644-3. to ensure overall housing integrity.

Differential Pressure Gauge:

Provision of upstream and downstream ports (DP Gauge/Switch to be ordered separately).

Material of construction:

CRCA Powder coated / SS304 / SS316.


PVC 8 mil safe change bag with integrated ‘O’ ring

Typical Applications:

Biotechnology, Ceramics, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Hospitals, Laboratories, Animal Facilities